September 8: Steve Jobs was likely one of the world’s most determined and motivated entrepreneurs. While many believe his relentless pursuit of perfection drove him to complete tasks, his major motivation was his desire to leave something lasting. To be a great entrepreneur, you need more than simply an idea; you also need pure enthusiasm, […]

New Delhi (India), March 15: Educational Entrepreneurship {E-Ship} is a personal attribute that combines innovation, accountability, catalyst, risk-taking and a tolerant attitude. The list of Educational entrepreneurs covered by The Indian Alert powered by Digisharks Communications is portrayed here; check it out and get to admire their success stories.  1. Brajesh Maheshwari- Co-Founder Director of […]

New Delhi (India), March 8: Most people are inspired by entrepreneurs from different industries who have been extremely successful in their respective fields and have made a mark for themselves. This article is about the 10 Most Successful Business Leaders under The Age of Forty by The Indian Alert powered by Digisharks Communication. Mr. Rikant […]

New Delhi [India], October 6: They say ‘successful entrepreneurs are made, not born.’ The Indian Alert, in association with Digisharks Communications, is proud to present the list of Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 from various industry sectors who have changed the business world with their innovative ideas and professionalism. 1 Dr. Harpreet […]