Charge EVs in 10 min with Flextron’s FlexGrid, India’s first Battery Integrated DC charger and the rapid charging battery pack, FlexStack

Flextron’s FlexGrid & FlexStack, India’s first Battery Integrated DC Charger

New Delhi (India), September 12: Bangalore-based bootstrap start-up Flextron, which is one of the leading Electric Vehicle B2B charging solutions providers in India, is set to launch FlexGrid, India’s first Battery Integrated DC charger. Setting a new benchmark for excellence, the Battery Integrated DC charger aims to charge 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers in just 10 and 15 minutes, respectively, for battery systems in 2-wheelers up to 3kWh and 3-wheelers up to 8kWh. Similarly, in terms of output capacity, FlexGrid exhibits an impressive output capacity of a whopping 25kW and 40kW with just a meagre input of 7.5kW; this means that the businesses that are seeking to adapt to FlexGrid’s fast charging will be able to do so, without the hassle of grid or power upgradation.

Given that EVs will now be able to be charged within 10 mins with FlexGrid, without grid upgradation, the EV charging industry is looking at a massive growth trajectory as the vehicles inwill be able to charge faster than ever before. With decreased charging time, EVs can be on the grind longer and clock more productivity. At the same time, the quick charging time makes FlexGrid the perfect charger for EV charging stations across the country. Moreover, with the enhanced output and charging efficiency, more and more businesses from the logistics and other transportation-heavy industries would boost the adoption of EVs, leading to the greener future that Flextron stands for.

Similarly, with another unique and advanced product named FlexStack, Flextron is set to redefine the notion of battery packs in the Indian market. Boasting a smart Battery Management System(BMS) with smart cooling and chemistry-agnostic features, FlexStack is a shining beacon of hope for clean energy. Moreover, Flextron’s charging algorithm with Active Equalizer equalises the cell’s voltage and transfers power between the cells with voltage difference to achieve voltage balance of each cell and improve the overall performance of the battery pack due to a lower degradation rate.  

Finally, it goes without saying that together, FlexGrid and FlexStack complement each other as a formidable pair of battery chargers and battery packs. The two products by Flextron, whose patents are pending, are set to hit the market in the next 3-4 months.

About the launch, Mr. Ameen Khan, CTO of Flextron, said, “We are thrilled to launch India’s first Battery Integrated DC charger, FlexGrid. With the new chargers, the company is set to further its credibility as a proud Made In India brand in the ever-growing EV sector. The rapid charging infrastructure is a remarkable development that holds immense potential to revolutionise the way it drives and would eventually transform our transportation landscape. The key to driving widespread electric vehicle adoption lies in the promotion of smaller batteries because their capability of quicker charging and delivering optimal mileage is an exciting prospect that aligns with the goal of making EVs even more convenient, efficient, and sustainable. This approach is expected to gain more traction in the market compared to larger battery packs, which may offer higher mileage but necessitate significantly longer charging times. The EV industry can indeed contribute significantly to a more sustainable transportation future.” 

Explaining the brand’s vision, he continued, “At Flextron, we believe that by championing the reduction of greenhouse emissions, we are paving the path towards a more sustainable and verdant future. Our relentless commitment is to become the foremost provider of EV charging solutions, leading the charge towards rapid and efficient charging.”

Further, Mr. Khan elaborated on the mission of the company by saying: “Our mission at Flextron is clear: to empower 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler EVs to fulfill their fast-charging requirements within just 10 and 15 minutes, respectively, through our cutting-edge Rapid charging technology. We are dedicated to revolutionising India’s perspective on logistics by embracing the potential of EVs and establishing a robust charging infrastructure that fuels eco-conscious logistics operations nationwide. It is worth adding that the company has culled it’s previous experience in building EV chargers for leading charge point operators in the country to craft the great performance of FlexGrid and FlexStack.

In 2021, the company’s core team, comprising an enthusiastic group of long-term collaborators, came together to share their expertise in business and engineering to solve one of the prevalent problems in the EV sector: fast charging. The team’s goal was addressing gaps in the market, leading Flextron to be a leading EV technology solution provider, and promoting widespread EV adoption, making clean technology accessible to all. 

Carrying that goal ahead, the company aims to deploy a minimum of 200 FlexGrids in the next 18 to 24 months, enabling 10-15 min charging in a wide range of 2W’s and 3W’s. Thus, in the coming days, FlexGrid will also be ready to be adopted by heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks, furthering the EV revolution. Additionally, in the coming days, Flextron will provide rapid charging models in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and rural areas where EV quick charging is the need of the hour, and thus make an impact in the last mile delivery sector.

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