Dr. Neha Patel from Gujarat, Winner of Glamorous People’s Choice at The International Glamour Project Mrs. India 2023 chosen to represent India at Mrs. World Universal 2023 in Hawaii, USA

TIGP Grand Finale Mrs.India 2023 contestant Mrs.Neha Patel 

New Delhi (India), June 22: Dr. Neha Patel, a courageous and resilient MBBS doctor from Surat, has emerged as a true beacon of women’s empowerment, challenging societal norms and inspiring women across India. Her remarkable journey, fueled by her determination and unwavering spirit, serves as an inspiration for women to break free from the shackles of societal expectations. The transformational path, which she embarked on with the support of The International Glamour Project (TIGP), exemplifies the power of courage and self-belief in reshaping one’s destiny as she is ready to represent India in Mrs.World Universal 2023 pageant in the USA.

In a society where women often face the brunt of body shaming and unrealistic beauty standards, Dr. Neha Patel’s story is a testament to the strength of character and the power of self-acceptance. She fearlessly confronted the stigma associated with her dark complexion and short, stout physique, defying the confines of societal expectations. “I was typecasted and judged a lot and it had affected my mental health,” says Dr.Neha, but she was determined to rise above these hurdles. Driven by her unwavering determination to redefine beauty on her own terms, she embarked on a transformative journey with TIGP, an organization that provided her with the tools and support to unleash her true potential.

Dr. Neha Patel’s path to empowerment serves as a shining example for women who dare to dream beyond the boundaries set by society. Her courage to challenge the system and rise above societal norms has become a source of inspiration, not just for women in India but for women worldwide. She is a mother of a 4-year-old and married to an orthopaedic surgeon. “My son and my husband are my strong pillars” she exclaims. Through her journey, Dr. Neha Patel has proven that with the right support and strong will power, women can overcome obstacles and rewrite their narratives.

The International Glamour Project (TIGP),

https://theinternationalglamourproject.com/, a start-up founded by Dr.Swaroop Puranik and Dr.Akshata Prabhu, played a significant role in Dr. Neha Patel’s journey of empowerment. By providing a nurturing environment and invaluable guidance, TIGP helped her unlock her true potential and embrace her unique beauty. “You need the right guidance, training, and confidence to rise above negativity. I believe that enrolling in TIGP was one of the best decisions I took. This success would not have been possible without their support,” adds Dr.Neha. Credit must be given to Dr. Neha herself for gathering the courage to enroll with TIGP and embark on a transformational path. She took a leap of faith, believing in her worth and refusing to be defined by society’s narrow standards.

TIGP, https://www.instagram.com/tigpofficial/, provides a platform for women to discover their unique beauty, celebrate their individuality, and rewrite their narratives. By registering with TIGP, women can access invaluable resources, training, and mentorship to unleash their full potential and represent India proudly on international platforms

Dr. Neha Patel’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and determination. Her unwavering spirit and dedication to challenging the status quo have propelled her to represent India on the global stage. Through her participation in the Mrs. World Universal pageant, she aims to inspire women worldwide to embrace their true selves and break free from the chains of societal expectations.

With TIGP as a guiding force, women can gather the strength to challenge societal norms, break free from the chains that bind them, and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering future. Dr. Neha Patel’s journey of empowerment exemplifies the power of self-acceptance and courage in the face of adversity.

Dr. Neha Patel’s fight against societal norms and her unwavering determination to redefine beauty stands as an inspiration to women across India. Her transformational journey is a testament to the power of self-belief, and she invites women from all walks of life to join her in rewriting the narratives and embracing their unique beauty. Together, let us forge a future where every woman’s voice is heard and celebrated.

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