How It Works

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It’s simple, fast and convenient with one of India’s leading and most reliable news distribution platforms! We at Primex News Network receive your press releases and review them to the point they become more attentive and engrossing. After carefully analysing the content, we distribute it directly to the journalists and also across leading publications and digital platforms including both regional and national media (Print, Electronic & Digital Media). We also distribute your stories to reputed magazines and periodicals in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages to name a few.

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We just not distribute, we also take genuine follow-ups of your press releases by making most of our largest media databases. We duly ensure that your business releases do reach out to the business fraternities and your consumer releases rightly gets into the target audiences with exponential exposure. Add to more, we also self-publish SEO-friendly press releases across our own media networks, websites and search engines such as Bing News, Yahoo and Google. Strong online presence ensures wider reach and reputation building on online platforms etc.

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Primex News Network provides excellent media monitoring which is the need of the hour. Our media monitoring encompasses web articles, press cuttings, subscribed websites and behind pay-walls which are not accessible to search engines. At Primex, we provide comprehensive Media Monitoring reports to clients from local, national or global resources in all languages, on everyday basis, periodically or monthly together with searching popular keywords, company names, phrases etc.

Currently, our media monitoring system contains more than 700 print titles and over a thousand web titles including some broadcast transcripts from radio news, TV and current affairs programs. We carry out usual research for providing most-researched words or documents while keeping in line with the trends. We do possess industry intelligence reports for keeping our clients abreast with current market scenario.

Our key Account Managers skilfully handle all media monitoring reports whilst making sure that the essential materials are timely sent to the clients with originality and quality.

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Haven’t written any press release, yet? Do not panic and just assign for the same. With our wide-ranging resources and know-how, we also provide press release writing services with precision to detail.

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Our press releases are clear-cut yet interesting in nature which effortlessly draws the attention of the target audiences. With our SEO-friendly keywords and quality content, we will have fantastic impression of your brand across all media channels.

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Be it print, radio or TV releases, we have separate databases for them. All the press releases are sent through email in case you directly send to us or by registered Primex News Network users wherein you can log in and proceed with plain text or HTML, embedded video or images without any extra charges.  Our editor checks and rectifies all the content material so that the respective recipients receive error-free messages.

In short, we give our best in pushing your press releases to the maximum degree so that they can be picked by top search engines. After all, what matters to us is how much you are noticed than others!


National and Regional Reach

You will be able to Reach Local, Regional and National media and Prospective clients

Large Media Network and Visibility

Your news can be readily picked up by news outlets and journalists who are specific to your industry

Optimized and Web Ready

Your Release for the web is completely optimized through our sharing platform and with search optimization best practices so your news can reach a wider audience

Social Shareability

We have special Social sharing features to help your news spread across the social web. primexnewsnetwork can help you get positioned on social networks; this gives the opportunity for existing and potential customers to read your story


Using a news feature rather than advertisements can actually lead to much higher credibility of your brand in the market

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You can track where your news is covered online – which news and media points it has been picked up by and all of this is done by the Primex News Network team and shared with you as part of our service.
From the time we publish your news release, Primex News Network starts to track your online presence and captures the variety of media points your news spreads to. This can be very valuable in letting your clients, partners and other audiences know how well your organization is being featured in the press and thereby continue to accentuate your brand awareness.
Our online distribution monitoring and robust network ensures a maximum reach of media outlets and may result in over 50+ coverages with your first Press Release itself.

Quick and Hassle-free Solutions

Our distribution service is very handy and a big time-saver, beyond a shadow of doubt. Just get in touch with us and the rest will be taken care by our professional team from A to Z. You just remain calm and composed and your press release is brought out, the very next day.

Track What Matters!

As a part of our service, a press release which is covered on any media platforms can easily be tracked by you.

Right from posting your news releases, we duly track your online presence while similarly ensuring its efficiency. This is of utmost importance for us as we believe in thoroughly updating our clients and how their presences have made a mark in terms of brand awareness.

Updates Are Must

Once we publish your releases, you will start getting regular updates periodically while showing you the accuracy of your presence by featured URL’s and the links covered.

Total Transparency

There is nothing beyond transparency. It is our duty to help your brand reach out to the maximum target audience and we leave no stone unturned in making it possible.