Ravinder Bharti Finds The Sweet Spot Where The Marketing And Healthcare Sectors Come Together For A Win-Win Relationship

The founder and CEO of Public Media Solution designs his healthcare marketing services to help Indian doctors and hospitals build their brands

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], April 17: Marketing a healthcare venture is often considered a massive feat in the industry. Especially in India, hospitals and clinics are viewed as entities driven solely by the mission of serving their patients. While this is always the primary motive of a hospital and the healthcare professionals working therein, the healthcare sector needs targeted marketing like any other industry.

While most healthcare institutions across the country are incorporating the latest technologies optimized by medical science, they struggle to reach out to their audiences. Marketing becomes tricky when a hospital can neither invite patients nor suffer a long period of stagnancy.

Understanding this gap between the two industries, Ravinder Bharti finds the sweet spot between the marketing and healthcare sectors. The founder and CEO of Public Media Solution, a noted PR agency in Pune, uses tailor-made healthcare marketing to build successful brands for healthcare professionals and institutions.

Mr Bharti and his team extract the essence of conventional PR, which is impactful public communication, and use it in the context of India’s healthcare sector. “Every healthcare professional has something valuable to say, most of which includes life-saving remedies and anecdotes. Our team of healthcare marketing professionals help doctors and hospitals across the country make their voices heard and presence felt using the right media platforms,” says Mr Bharti.

Along with conventional marketing tools like search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), content marketing, etc., Mr Bharti focuses on finding a way to reach his clients’ audiences via the route of spreading awareness. In his opinion, the two COVID waves have made the citizens realise the importance of a healthcare expert’s advice.

Banking on this trust, he helps his clients run campaigns that not only give them the desired traction but also persuade society to lead a healthy life. “Just like merchandise carrying a brand’s logo makes it instantly more valuable, a word of caution or advice coming from a healthcare professional will always be taken seriously,” says Mr Bharti.

In the age of digitization, Mr Bharti and his team also focus on taking digital marketing up a notch for their healthcare clients. With the internet seeping into tier 2 and 3 cities of India, the scope of local SEO and regional PR has increased. By analyzing the context of the Google searches made and identifying gaps that can be filled by his clients’ online presence, Mr Bharti helps healthcare professionals climb the adventurous ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Talking about the need for healthcare and marketing to co-exist, Mr Bharti stresses the importance of blending the best of both worlds. He says, “The healthcare experts of our country have immense knowledge about keeping some of the most serious and life-threatening diseases at bay. However, they fail to obtain the reach they deserve due to the lack of marketing acumen. Our healthcare marketing services are designed to bridge this gap and help healthcare ventures enter the echelon of the most reputed brands across the globe!”

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