Xelate’s Honest Approach Yields Remarkable Success in Job Placements

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], June 14: Xelate, an illustrious and innovative Edtech startup in the software training domain, proudly announces its remarkable achievement of operating a successful business with unflinching honesty, integrity and relentless passion. Its upfront approach and transparency towards students, openly declaring to them that they don’t provide any 100% job guarantee, is absolutely commendable. It puts emphasis on this revered company’s work ethics, showing how they steer clear of gimmicks and empty promises and don’t persuade students to enrol with their institute.

Xelate reached this major milestone organically without spending a single rupee on marketing or advertisements. It seamlessly managed to attain significant growth, predominantly due to word-of-mouth publicity. Their outstanding dedication to delivering intensive practical skills and relevant hands-on training makes them stand out. 

One of the key highlights of Xelate’s achievement is the successful placement of their students who fall under the “Ineligible Category” based on the standard eligibility criteria set by IT companies. These criteria typically include a recent pass-out year, an engineering degree in CS/IT, and consistent academic performance above 60%. Despite not meeting one or more of these criteria, Xelate has successfully placed students from diverse backgrounds, breaking the barriers set by industry norms, and achieved an average placement percentage (overall) of 71% during the period from March 2021 to January 2022.  Out of all these students who were placed, 60% were those who didn’t fit the conventional IT company eligibility requirements. The standard requirements established by IT companies were only met by 11% of the students. The students of the batches from February 2022 to date are yet to complete the placement support period of 18 months.

Xelate raised the bar significantly by attaining a placement rate as high as 95% for numerous batches, excluding the recession period. This is a commendable accomplishment for a company to garner such a colossal percentage of successful placements. However, it is important to note that the recent recession has impacted its placement rates in the last 6-7 months,  obstructing its progress to achieve the same level of placement success. Despite this setback, Xelate is as passionate as ever to assist job seekers and adapt to challenging market conditions.

Throughout their journey, Xelate has overcome various challenges. Convincing IT companies to reconsider their standard eligibility criteria for entry-level hiring has proven to be the biggest obstacle. Most companies prioritise candidates with excellent academic records, recent graduation, and a CS/IT background. This poses a significant challenge as Xelate’s students come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, often not meeting the traditional criteria.

Additionally, Xelate strives to change the mindset of job seekers who possess gaps in education or career, lower academic percentages, or non-IT backgrounds. It is a constant challenge to make these individuals understand that legitimate opportunities are available to them if they approach the job search with honesty and genuine effort. Xelate emphasises the importance of realistic expectations and encourages job seekers to consider all avenues, including start-up companies, as stepping stones to their dream careers.

Xelate’s accomplishments align perfectly with its heartfelt mission, which is focused on helping employers find proactive, well-trained, and competent candidates and supporting all job seekers, regardless of their academic background or career gaps. 

The impact of Xelate’s achievement is quantifiable and significant. By showcasing the success stories of their students, Xelate aims to raise awareness among job seekers that securing a job in the IT industry is attainable through honesty and hard work. The company has successfully placed numerous individuals with education gaps, lower academic percentages, and non-IT backgrounds, debunking the belief that shortcuts or fake experiences are necessary for success.

Xelate’s stellar achievement is a result of the collective effort of the entire team. What sets Xelate apart from other Edtech companies is its upfront approach and utmost commitment to students’ growth trajectory. Also, this startup company in the software training domain deliberately forms heterogeneous batches, ensuring a mix of freshers with different academic records, old pass-outs, and individuals from both CS/IT and non-CS/IT backgrounds.

Although Xelate has received a multitude of accolades and recognition, the real gratification comes from seeing the joy on their students’ faces when they secure placements and the blessings received from their parents. Looking ahead, Xelate plans to expand its training programmes to cover a wide spectrum of software courses, catering to the specific requirements of hiring partners and various IT companies.

Xelate’s remarkable accomplishment will benefit customers, stakeholders, and the industry as a whole by creating awareness among job seekers that legitimate pathways exist for entering the IT industry.

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